XPan photography is a classical analogue kind of photography. “Why analogue?” is a common question. Because of the way, because of the art, because of ….. There are a lot of reasons. Maybe one of the best comparison by a question is: “Why are you driving a veteran car?” Nobody asking or needs an answer. Hasselblad XPan photography and as well all other analogue photography seems similar like that. It is the concentrated work with the medium, the photography. Not like a mass picture, one single moment, hopefully one of the best – thats enough. It is the fascinating format, more natural and inspiring. The perfect quality and the marvelous thought this is not only -one- from a digital powershoot of hundred similars – thats unique and a slow motion photography. Old-fashioned handicraft, but it is work – that’s as well the point.

My personal way to the black & white is bumpy, started in 1987 with easy shots, self developing and hundred of hours in the lab. After several years of black & white photography there was a break until 1999. I continued with the panorama camera XPan from Hasselblad and was since that time fascinated by this art of photography. I traveled a lot in this time, and it is not at least the reliability of the XPan at difficult places who convinced me. The elementariness, the format and the superb quality is the big advantage during travel. Lot of people were fascinated during my exhibitions and that is one aim for me – to share these fascinating views. Beside the panorama books this is another point to setup some photographs to view the black & white world.

Enjoy the art of XPan…

Best to all, Andreas Stimm


Hasselblad XPan Stimm